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    Journal publications
    L. Diéguez; N. Darwish; N. Graf; J. Vörös; T. Zambelli.
    Soft Matter 5, pp. 2415 - 2421. 2009. ISSN 1744-683X

    N. Darwish; D. Caballero; M. Moreno; A. Errachid; J. Samitier.
    Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, 144, pp. 413 - 417, 2010. ISSN 0925-4005

    L. Dieguez, N. Darwish, M. Mir, E. Martinez, M. Moreno, J. Samitier.
    Sensor Letters, 7, pp. 851 - 855, 2009. ISSN 1546-198X

    N. Darwish, L. Dieguez, M. Moreno, F.X. Muñoz, R. Mas, J. Samitier, B. Nilsson, G. Petersson.
    Microelectronic Engineering, 84,pp.1775 - 1778, 2007. ISSN 0167-9317

    International Conferences
    • Fabrication of broad-area optical nanostructures for high throughput chemical sensing
    P. Rodríguez-Franco; A. Arriola; N. Darwish; T. Tavera; S.M. Olaizola; M. Moreno.
    IMCS 2012 - The 14th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors. Nuremberg, Germany
    • Surface analisys using waveguide-excited fluorescence
    N. Darwish; M. Moreno; J. Samitier.
    Madica 2008. Rabat, Morocco
    Oral contribution
    • Multichannel high resolution grating coupler biosensor
    Darwish1,N.; Moreno, M.; Vigues, N.; Muñoz, F.J.; Mas,J.; Samitier, J.
    Eurosensors XXII (2008). Dresden, Germany. ISBN 978-3-00-025217-4
    Oral contribution
    • Low cost surface plasmon resonance sensor based on diffraction gratings
    N. Darwish; M. Moreno; F. Nikolajeff; J. Samitier.
    Eurosensors XXII (2008), Dresden, Germany. ISBN 978-3-00-025217-4
    • Optical Grating Coupler Biochemical Sensors with On-Chip Reference.
    Darwish,N.; Baldrich,E.; Campo, F.Javier.; Moreno,M.; Muñoz,F.X.; Mas,Roser.; Samitier,J.
    MicroTAS-2007: 11th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences. Paris, France
    • Optical nanobiosensors based on nanograting structures
    N. Darwish; E. Baldrich; M. Moreno; F. J. Del Campo; J. Samitier; F. J. Muñoz.
    4th personalyzed Health workshop, pHEALTH07. Porto Carrás, Grece
    • Optical sub-micron grating-waveguides for biosensing applications
    N. Darwish; L. Diéguez; M. Moreno; F. Muñoz; R. Mas; J. Mas; J. Samitier; B. Nilsson; G. Petersson.
    32nd International Conference on Micro- and Nano-Engineering, MNE 2006. Barcelona, Spain
    • Development of a solid-state respirometer for the continuous monitoring of toxicity in water samples
    Vigués N; Sánchez O; Muñoz-Berbel X; Ordeig O; del Campo FJ; Darwish N; Tomàs N; Moreno M; Muñoz FJ; Mas J.
    11th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology (ISME-11). Viena, Austria
    • Continuous monitoring of water toxicity using a biofilm modified ultramicroelectrode array
    Del Campo FJ; Ordeig O; Muñoz-Berbel X; Muñoz FJ; Darwish N; Moreno M; Vigués N; Sánchez O; Tomàs N; Mas J.
    2nd FEMS Congress of European Microbiologists. Madrid, Spain
    • A 256-pixels photosensor CMOS array for biosensing applications
    Bernat; A. Arbat; N. Darwish; M. Moreno; A. Diéguez.
    XX Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, DCIS XX. Lisboa, Portugal. ISBN:972- 00387-2-5
    Oral contribution (Ivan Bernat)

    Spanish Conferences
    • Design and fabrication of grating-waveguides for biosensing applications
    N. Darwish; M. Moreno; F. Muñoz; R. Mas; J. Samitier.
    Nanoelectronic and photonic systems workshop 2005. Tarragona, Spain
    • Numerical study of grating-waveguides for biosensing applications.
    N. Darwish; I. Bernat; M. Moreno; J. Samitier.
    2005 Spanish Conference on Electron. Devices (CDE 2005), Tarragona, Spain. ISBN:0-7803-88-10-0
    • Polymer and dielectric grating couplers for biosensing applications
    N. Darwish; L. Diéguez; M. Moreno; J. Samitier; F. Muñoz; R. Mas.
    3rd NanoSpain workshop. Pamplona, Spain
    • Detección de biomasa microbiana a bajas concentraciones mediante chips impedimétricos
    Vigués N; Muñoz-Berbel X; Sánchez O; Tomás N. Del Campo FJ; Dávila D; Darwish N; Moreno M; Muñoz FJ; Mas J.
    XXI Congreso de Microbiología, Sevilla, Spain
    • A grating coupler set-up for real time chemical analysis of water solutions
    N. Darwish; L. Diéguez, M. Moreno
    OPTOEL 07. Barakaldo, Spain. ISBN: 978 - 84 - 95809 - 30 - 8
    • Optical structures patterned in polymeric waveguides
    L. Diéguez; N. Darwish; M. Moreno; M.J. Lopez; J. Samitier.
    OPTOEL 07. Barakaldo, Spain. ISBN: 978 - 84 - 95809 - 30 - 8

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